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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm

Here at Like Grandpa, it’s no secret we’re passionate about beards, moustaches and shaving in general. We want to pass our love and passion onto you – which is why we love getting feedback from our customers and answering many of your questions.

So let’s get right to it…

“What is the difference between beard oil and beard balm?” – Kell Baker

Thanks Kell! We meet a ton of people at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market and this is one of the most common questions asked.

No one likes an itchy, scratchy, course or dry flaky beard. Both our Beard Oil and Beard Balm will definitely help take care of that. It conditions, softens and moisturizes the beard and skin to keep you feeling nice and refreshed.

So what’s the difference?

The balm has a touch of wax in it for a bit of shaping and hold. So as your beard gets longer and starts to puff out and go crazy – it will help keep it under control.

Typically, guys will transition from the Beard Oil to a Beard Balm as their beards start to get longer.

We hope that helps answer your question. If the Beard Oil or Beard Balm are right for you – or if you’d like to check out some of our other great, locally produced and all-natural products, check us out online at Like Grandpa (there’s also a list of what stores our products are available) or visit us in person at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am – 3pm.

If you have a question that you moustache – feel free to email us at tweet us @LikeGrandpa or find us on Facebook at LikeGrandpa

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