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Our Story

Here at Like Grandpa, we care about your skin before everything else. Since the beginning, we have made sure to use all natural, moisturizing ingredients that will help your skin underneath the hair, whether that's when you are shaving or are rocking a beard!


Our co-founder, Ken, has been making these products himself for years and that is where it all began. He had huge success with his products and was giving them to friends and family for gifts.
Finally, we come to where we are today, with our online store up and running and helping all local men and women step up their shave game.


Our other co-founder, Keenyn, is the other half of the Like Grandpa story.
Wife to Ken and partner in crime, she takes care of most of the back end stuff.
So, while you won't see her around too often, she has been working hard to make sure the Like Grandpa brand is out there for the world to see. For example, through this website she designed!