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Shaving razor that is all brass. Good quality.
High quality, all brass Safety Razor.
The Like Grandpa Razor

The Like Grandpa Razor

The Like Grandpa Safety Razor has finally landed.  While our friends at Karve Shave Co. let us borrow their industry leading shave geometry, we managed to bring our own aesthetics and feel to our very own razor, manufactured right here in Edmonton!

This timeless three piece design will not only give you the fantastic shave you have always wanted, but will look and feel incredible at the same time.  Constructed from solid, uncoated brass, this razor will develop a natural patina over time and will darken with use. 

With a radius on the end to let you know when your finger is running out of room, and a very soft knurl along the length, this handle feels good in just about any size hands.  All razors come standard with a 0.73mm blade gap and a 3.5 inch handle. Weighing in at 108g, the weight is in that sweet spot of effortless shave, yet responsive feedback.

The Like Grandpa Safety Razor is manufactured in small quantities in Edmonton, AB, Canada.  Due to the hand made nature of this piece and availability of the machine shop, quantities are limited and may not be available all year round.  

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Like Grandpa “makes shaving great again!”

This razor is built to pass down for generations. No more expensive disposable razors. Change the blade and away you go for another great clean shave!

Definitely won’t be disappointed with the quality of any of Like Grandpas stuff. I have the brush and all the shave soaps and everything! 👍❤️👍


Such a stunning razor. Impeccably made and the fact that you can use the Karve Christopher Bradley plates to fine tune the shave you want is an amazing bonus. It would be great if Like Grandpa had some plates in stock.

H.Y. Liu
Exceptional Quality

This razor is exceptionally well-made, with smooth-as-silk threads that are the hallmark of brass razors. The handle's much finer gnurling compared to the regular Karve CB razor is more comfortable to grip; its handle design is very similar to the Feather AS-D1 and D2 with improvements, like the concave radius on the pommel for your thumb to rest. Tolerances are very tight and the fitting of all components is perfect.

The razor on the whole is much better quality than the Feathers, and is of machined construction rather than injected-moulded. The B-plate provides a excellent BBS shave and the maple leaf is a very tasteful hallmark of the razor's origins. The compatibility of the razor with the other Karve components provides unparalleled modularity to suit all preferences. I prefer to use the Wide-Body Top Cap rather than the normal cap that comes with it, as exposed blade tabs can nick people, especially when shaving behind the ears, and is less aesthetically pleasing.

I recommend using Feather FA-10 Carbon Steel Blades which are much sharper than Stainless offerings. In addition to being able to benefit being stropped, and also not having the highly neurotoxic fluoridated Teflon coatings common on nearly all Stainless blades, they are affordable and a nice match for these vintage style razors, as prior to the 1960s nearly all blade offerings were Carbon Steel.

In closing, this is among the most well-made and smooth-performing DE razors I have ever come across.

Rod R

You can tell the precision that’s gone into the making of this razor. From the fit of the plate - cap to the mating of the handle to the threaded stud. It’s almost fluid smooth with the threads being flawless and tight.
It took a couple of shaves to get the hang of it. Very well balanced in the hand and a nice heft. It’s very efficient but not too aggressive. Having said that though, I have ordered a less aggressive plate from Karve to make it a tad more mild.
Glad I own such a high quality Canadian made razor. I hummed and hawed for almost a year whether I should buy this. No regrets with this purchase and I would highly recommend it.
P.S. If your daily shave isn’t the best part of your day…. Then you’re doing something wrong. Cheers

Best razor I've ever used

I had been using a bunch of different razor styles for a while to figure out what I really preferred. After determining that I got my best shaves with a fairly mild solid bar design, I was ready to spend the money on a premium razor. I decided on a Karve solid bar "B" head (which this razor has), but I chose the Like Grandpa version because I really liked their unique handle design. I'm really happy that I did. The quality is exceptional, it feels very comfortable in my hand, and it gives a fantastic shave. My search for the perfect razor is over, and the fact that it's made here in Edmonton is an added bonus!