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Should I start using oils on my skin?

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Should I be using oils on my skin?

Will it cause breakouts?

We get this questions all the time.  Spoiler alert… no, It shouldn’t  Using oil based products instead of water based products like creams and lotions can be little bit of a transition, but you really have much more to gain than you have to lose.

If they are quality products and oils, they shouldn't make you breakout.  Properly formulated products that are suited for your face use carrier oils that have a low comedogenic number.  Think of this as the “pour clogging index”.  You typically want oils that are 0, 1, or 2 at most for products meant to stay on your face.  All of our product bases implement oils with a lower comedogenic number, so you don’t have to worry.  Stay away from products high in this number,  like coconut oil and cocoa butter.

If you are acne prone, make sure to clean and moisturize your skin.  This second part is where many of us guys kind of fall apart.  We will wash, and strip away that dirt and oil, but we forget to replenish with a moisturizer afterwards.  This can cause your face to start producing more oil to overcompensate, which can also cause you issues. 

Think of oils as concentrated creams/lotions, without the filler and garbage.  This is the part that many people might not realize; the oil based portion of a cream or lotion does most of the heavy lifting.  When you cut out the water based portion of the formula, now you can cut out the emulsifiers, the preservatives, and the fillers that are there simply to make application easier. 

Next up it's good to note, that not all oils are created equally.  Some oils are great for hair care.  Some are great skin care.  Some are great on a salad.  This is where mixing specific oils in specific ratios is used to get that balance we are looking for.  Usually one oil can’t do everything on its own. As much as modern day marketing wants you to believe this is true. Like lathering your body in coconut oil...

Finally stop buying something solely based on the essential oil component.  Yes, essential oils can have some various benefits.  They are also widely understudied and under supported with scientific evidence for what their benefits are.  What you need to realize is that the essential oil component of a formula is typically placed there for scent, and that the associated impact is likely much less than the carrier oils, which are doing the majority of the work.  Scents are typically present in a concentration of 1%-5%, so be aware that the other 95% should be your focus. 

NOTE:  This isn’t knocking essential oils.  We believe they are a much better alternative to synthetic fragrances, and should be utilized whenever possible.  We just want to clear up some of the misconceptions and misleading information out there.

That is our quick rundown on oils and how we use them to formulate our products, and choose what is best for your skin! While it isn’t a complete comprehensive run down, it should get you asking the right questions next time you see a product that catches your attention.

Happy grooming!

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