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Traditional Wet Shaving

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Traditional Wet Shaving

One of the most frequent comments I get from guys when chatting about safety razor shaving or straight shaving (we simply call this wet shaving) is “I don’t have time for that.”  I am here to tell you that not only do you have time, but it might even become that cornerstone habit you look forward to in your routine. 

Most of the time, it isn’t the actual shaving that takes longer, it's the learning curve behind the techniques involved.  Yes, you need to lather up a cream or soap.  Yes, you will need to pay a little more attention to your technique, and yes, you will get a better shave out of it.  Just like learning to shave the first few times when we were young was a slow and mistake ridden process, wet shaving is something you get little better at every time. 

At the beginning, it tends to be slow and you'll make mistakes.  Next, you get quicker and quicker until you are hardly thinking about it at all. Late for work? No problem, still have time for a lightning quick single pass shave. But then something magical happens that you typically don’t get with your cartridge shaving. You actually slow down.  You start to soak in and enjoy every step of the process.  You break out a hot towel and enjoy it pressed against your skin.  you carefully select your preferred pre-shave scent to pair with your soap for the day.  You methodically work a lather up until it is just the right mixture of thick yet slick!  You paint it onto your face and even work it a little longer because the feeling of that badger knot against the skin feels oh so good.  Every stroke of the razor is calculated, calibrated and intentional.  You don’t want it to end, so you go for a second pass to get just little closer.  Just little smoother.  Then you apply your after shave balm or splash, and stand back and admire your handy work like an artist looking over their canvas.  Clean up is almost disappointing because it means the process is over until next time.

You have successfully transformed shaving into a routine and habit you enjoy and look forward to.  It is no longer an inconvenience you don’t have time for, but a self care routine you make time for.

We promise, you won't regret it!

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