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All-natural Beard Oil for men. Lavender.
Eucalyptus scented, all-natural Beard Oil. Made in Canada.
Made in Canada, Lime Beard Oil.
Orange scented, all natural Beard Oil for men.
Beard Oil for men, in glass bottle. Sandalwood scented.
All-natural Beard Oil for men. Spearmint scented in a glass bottle.
Beard Oil

Beard Oil

Beard Oil is simple.  Think of it as hair care and skincare rolled into one.  Designed to condition and soften your whiskers, while moisturizing the skin underneath.  Effective when helping with split ends, brittle hairs, and the dreaded dry flaky skin aka 'beardruff'.  Our formula is low shine and absorbs quickly into the beard and skin so that it doesn't not feel greasy.  Subtly scented to make sure it is not overpowering. Composed of simple, effective all-natural ingredients, this might be the best thing to happen to your beard.

Best for shorter beards, or as a base layer within larger beards.  If added control is needed, you may want to consider a Beard Balm as well.  Don't forget a gentle clean like with our Beard/Shampoo Bar. It will make sure you are not stripping out all the healthy oils in your beard.

Our products are scented simply, so you really immerse yourself into your favourite smells.  Strong enough for you to enjoy during bits and pieces throughout the day, but subtle enough that it won't be 'in your face', interfere with your cologne, or irritate your coworkers.

Handmade in Edmonton, Alberta in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshest ingredients.

Cedar:  Fresh, clean, and crisp base note, like you just walked into the lumber store.

Eucalyptus:  Crisp clean top note reminiscent of the sauna or Vic's vapour rub.

Lavender:  The manliest lavender you will ever smell.  Spicy, woody and less floral.

Lime: The most popular comment is "OMG this smells just like a margarita".  It's amazing.

Sandalwood:  Classic, almost cologne like. A staple for men for generations.

Spearmint: Fresh, clean, and sweet.  A favourite if you like lime or eucalyptus.


Directions for best use: Work 3-7 drops between your hands and then into your beard root to tip.  Make sure to get that oil down to the skin where it can do its job.  Work through your beard with your fingers, comb, or brush as desired.  Larger beards may need more oil, so adjust the volume as required.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil/Fragrance*

NOTE: fragrance is used on our Sandalwood scent due to sustainability concerns.  Our fragrance oils are phthalate and paraben-free and are scented at a more subtle strength to ensure even scent sensitive and sensitive skin won't have any issues.

Size: 30ml/1oz glass bottle.

Shelf Life: Approx 12-18 months


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anthony n
Clean and simple

Gotta say, this oil is my go to now. I appreciate their simple and easy scents, while not too strong and keeps my beard looking good. Highly recommend!

Adam N

This beard oil does exactly what you want beard oil to do. It leaves the hair soft and the skin moisturized. I have pretty sensitive skin and this does not irritate me, which is critical. The smell of the lime one I tried is just present enough; not too overpowering. I will be a returning customer.

Scott Crawley
Awesome oil and service

I have been using the beard oil for the last 3 or so. I got to say this has been the best oil I have used and love the smell of the lime. Used the beard balm as well and melts like butter in my beard.

Dan Doyle
Awesome product!

I've been using the cedarwood beard oil for about a year or so. Excellent stuff! Smells great, and it turned my once sandpaper-like beard into a nice soft consistency. Highly recommend!

Ankur Pandit
Works like a charm!

I've used the beard oil, after-shave balm, and shave soap from Like Grandpa and loved all of them. I'm currently using the beard oil quite consistently and I love how it makes my skin look and feel after applying. I also think the scents smell amazing - some that I've enjoyed thus far include Sandalwood, Lavender, and Spearmint.

I would strongly recommend Like Grandpa products to anyone interested!