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Countdown to Movember

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Countdown to Movember

Okay… unless you’re some ridiculously awesome, moustache growing superhero, chances are you likely won’t be able to sport a full blown moustache with your Grandpa used too. 

But, here at Like Grandpa, we want to help you grow and groom the best possible moustache for Movember.

To get started, you will need a proper safety razor or straight razor to give you that nice clean look before you start the Movember challenge. For useful shaving tips, check out one of our previous blog posts.

Unlike that episode of the Simpsons where Homer’s 5 o’clock shadow grew back instantly, you’re going to need some patience before you start seeing some results.

In all seriousness, just give yourself some time and let that moustache grow in naturally.

To get you through the rest of the month, you’re going to need some moustache wax (check out our Orange or Pine wax), and a fine tooth moustache comb.


Ok, we hear ya! We know how itchy facial hair can be when you’re not used to growing it. We’ve all be there, even Mayor Don Iveson!

The solution to fix the itch is our beard oil (Sandalwood or Cedar). Both oils can be used for a moustache as it helps soothe the skin under your stache. It also softens your whiskers – providing you with a smooth touchable moustache. 

These are your must-have in order to get through Movember the right way – rocking an epic new look while raising money for a great cause. (The Movember Foundation is a charitable organization that raises money for Men’s Health awareness including prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention).

Oh and one more thing… rock your Movember look with your very own Like Grandpa T-Shirt.

Next month, we’ll give you some solid tips on how to put all your new tools to good use and leave you flashing a million dollar smile underneath that great looking moustache.

PS – watch for Like Grandpa on Global Edmonton Weekend Morning News. We’ll be providing some Movember tips, so stay tuned for more details about Like Grandpa and Global Edmonton.

Check out some of our great, locally produced and all-natural products online at Like Grandpa (there’s also a list of what stores our products are available) or visit us in person at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market every Saturday from 8am – 3pm.

If you have a question that you moustache – feel free to email us at tweet us / follow us @LikeGrandpa or find us on Facebook at LikeGrandpa

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