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The Best Beard

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The best beards out there

It’s official - Prince Harry has the world’s sexiest beard.

(Photo Credit: The Royal Family)

A survey conducted by the Crown Clinic in Manchester and reported in the Daily Mail, found that the vast majority have fallen in love with Harry’s new look. Following close behind are Canadian Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.

Now whether you agree with the survey or not, the fact is – it’s obvious the man who will soon be the 6
th in line to become King of England - goes to great lengths to take care of that immaculate beard. The good news is that you don’t have to be a member of the Royal Family or some hot shot celebrity to have a similar look.

In previous blog posts, we talked about your Morning Routine and even helped you decide which product suits you best when it comes to Beard Oil or Beard Balm. Today, we’ll talk about keeping that beard nice and clean – helping you look and feel like a King.

It’s important to keep things clean and fresh and Like Grandpa wants to help you out with our new Beard & Shampoo Bar.


The all-natural bar is soft, which makes it easy to lather and provides a gentle clean. The beauty of this bar is that it not only works for your facial hair but also the hair on your head. Most importantly, using a beard/shampoo bar will leave you feeling clean and fresh – without stripping away the natural oil.

Using the bar is simple – all you have to do is wet it and work it between your hands to build up that lather. Work that into your wet beard / hair and rinse thoroughly. Don’t forget to use conditioner!

One other tip: Store the bar out of direct water stream for longer life. In other words, put it in a far corner in your shower or take it out when you’re done.

Follow these tips and who knows – maybe you’ll be ready to dethrone Prince Harry with the world’s sexiest beard.

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