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Winter Beard Care

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Winter Beard Care

The seasons have changed, the holidays have come and gone and all you are stuck with is that dry itchy beard. Believe it or not, your beard care routine will often change with the seasons. No, I am not making this up or trying to sell you more product, but rather trying to help you grow the best beard you can!

Humidity is often the biggest environmental factor that affects your beard care routine. You probably noticed a difference when you were on vacation near the ocean how great your hair and beard felt. It was soft and luxurious, with not a lot of work. Then when you came back home to your everyday life and the dryness caught up to you. This is because of low humidity we have in Alberta and the exceptionally low humidity you can often find in the winter. This will dry out your skin and beard quicker than your realize. The solution is simple though...

  • Moisturize

If you have a good beard balm or moisturizer already, just use a little more of it. Something like a beard oil is important to use as well. We often forget about the skin underneath our beard, which can be in worse shape than the rest of our face. A quality beard oil can tackle both the hair to soften and moisturize the skin.

  • Use more product

Since it is so dry, the skin and beard likely just need more moisture. Don't be afraid to use more of your current product. It is normal to adjust the amounts as the humidity changes. However, I will throw out there that the quality of the products are extremely important. A drug store product typically has water and additional preservatives that can actually dry you out more, so make sure to read ingredient labels!

  • Keep brushing

Your beard brush will help to exfoliate the skin under the beard and remove any dry skin. It will also help to distribute those good oils through your beard, so don't forget to keep brushing it.

  • Try a balm

A beard balm will also moisturize and condition the skin and beard, but that little bit of wax can help to seal in some of that moisture with a protective layer. If you have a really big of thick beard, try layers a balm and and oil. Remember; base coat of oil, top coat of balm. This will also help shape the fly away's from your beard and give you a more put together look.

  • Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water. Its good for you and your skin. This is something that none of us really think about. But especially in the winter, your skin will appreciate it.

  • Cool down the temperature of your shower

Hot water in showers can strip a ton of our natural oils. Limiting your shower duration, temperature, and frequency can all contribute to a happier beard and skin.

That's it, plain and simple. Winters are dry and hard on our bodies, so try to get that moisture into the skin and beard where it belongs!

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